Small, but smart

“Small, but smart” is an apt description. For me, Oslo Central Station is one of the most appealing, safe and clean train stations around.

This is the opinion of Sylvia Sedlacek, director of Mobility & Transport at KfW IPEX-Bank in Germany. She is responsible for financing e.g. infrastructure projects, train stations and railway infrastructure.

She made the statement in the autumn of 2021 in connection with a meeting with our head of funding, Sven Erik Pløen. Bane NOR Eiendom AS has a long-term "green" loan from them linked to train workshops. KfW is one of the world's most solid banks with a green mandate and which finances a lot of infrastructure, including train-related activities around the world, primarily Europe and Africa.

- My colleagues and I travel to many countries in the course of our work. We always pay special attention to train stations, including when we are inside them; and we are well-equipped to make comparisons thanks to the many trips we take.

My first experience at the Oslo Sentralstasjon was a few years ago when I arrived with the Flytoget one evening and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. Without any prior knowledge of the place, I happened to end up in the Østbanehallen. I am impressed by what has emerged there – the place has real character, with a nice atmosphere about it and good restaurants. It is remarkable how this setting has been created, maintained, and cultivated. And even the small shops that made their homes in a cozy, small shopping mall invite passers-by to linger.

This combination of beautifully updated historic architecture, good food options, and relaxed shopping in a clean, safe, and positive environment does not make people feel as if they are in a railway station when they are at Oslo Sentralstasjon, says Sylvia Sedlacek.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sylvia!